Maureen Rodríguez Acuña

Director Labor Law
With more than seventeen years of experience in fields ranging from Corporate to Labor law, Maureen is the newest addition to our Tactic team. She has excelled in both legal departments of national and regional corporations.
Besides exercising the position of Legal Director within different companies, Maureen also founded her private practice specialized in Labor Law. She is also passionate about giving training courses on different labor issues that are complemented by her vast experience in Litigation and Negotiation.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2001.
  • Law Degree, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2003.
  • Notary Public, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2004
  • TACTIC Estudio Legal. Associate in Labor Law.
  • BDS Asesores. January 2021- June 2022. Associate in Private Consulting.
  • Lawgical. September 2020- January 2021. Labor Law Department Director.
  • Arias Law. November 2019 – July 2020. Senior Associate in Labor Law.
  • Independent Attorney. June – November 2019.
  • Sfera Legal. March 2016- May 2019. Associate. Labor Law Department Director. Business and Corporate Practice. Notary Public.
  • Corporación Megasuper, S.A. October 2007- December 2015. Legal Department Director.
  • Grupo Zeta. October 2007- December 2010. Corporate Lawyer.
  • Radiográfica Costarricense, S.A (RACSA). August 2003- September 2007. Lawyer in Administrative Contracting.