Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health for Commercial and Residential Condominiums


On April 7, 2020, the Ministry of Health issued a series of mandatory compliance measures for horizontal and vertical, mixed, batch, condohotels, concession or condominium condominiums, for all uses including but not limited to commercial , residential, and combined.


These measures are aimed at administrations, administrative boards, maintenance personnel, owners, tenants, residents, users, traders, suppliers and visitors.




  1. Immediate cancellation of all massive commercial or social events in common or private areas of the condominium.
  2. Common “unbuilt” recreational areas such as green areas or sports fields, may be used for walking. Social distancing must be respected.
  3. Prohibition to make use of the common recreational areas built including clubhouse, rooftops, Jacuzzi, gyms, BBQ ranch, cinema rooms, massage room, event room, etc.
  4. “Unbuilt” common recreational areas, such as green areas or sports fields, may only be used for walking and social distance must be respected.
  5. The pools must remain permanently closed, both in private and common areas.
  6. Construction and repairs in subsidiaries or common areas will be allowed as long as they comply with the necessary cleaning and hygiene guidelines.


In case of non-compliance with the measures, the Administration or Administrative Board are empowered to restrict the use and / or impose new measures aimed at safeguarding the health of people in the condominium.




  1. They must establish a communication channel between the Administration and the owners to be in contact about possible infections, inform the current guidelines, communicate the services that continue to be provided, approve the entry of maintenance personnel, domestic employees, educational tutors, supply of food or medicine and others required by the owners and any communication deemed necessary.
  2. To attend, as far as possible, to providers, tenants and customers by telephone, email and / or virtual means.
  3. To ensure that the regular meetings of the Board of Directors, Committees and Assemblies of Owners, where applicable, are held virtually. Failing that, the 50% of the capacity of the place must be applied and people must be at least 1.8 meters apart from each other.
  4. It is recommended to label the elevators indicating that only residents of the same condo unit go on each trip of the lift to reduce the possibility of contagion between condo units.




Continue hygiene and disinfection protocols, as well as social isolation measures to avoid contact with other people and contain the spread of the COVID -19 virus.


Cleaning measures on furniture and surfaces in common use should be intensified and cleaning and protection supplies should be guaranteed, as well as the availability of toilet paper, antibacterial soap, disposable towels, mask, gloves, gel alcohol, disinfectant, among others.


In the event that any person has a Sanitary Order issued by the Health authority, they must follow the guidelines on home isolation for Costa Ricans, residents and diplomats who enter the country due to the Coronavirus health alert (COVID-19).


Continue with the implementation of all the protocols that have been issued to date and are in force for the control of COVID-19.

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