Costa Rican Ministry of Health resolutions

Ref.: Sanitary provisions related to the temporary closure of establishments that have a Sanitary Operation Permit, which will take effect from April 3rd, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. and until Sunday, April 12th at 11:59 p.m.


TEMPORARY CLOSING is ordered for all establishments with sanitary operating permits classified as public meeting places. Except:


  1. Delivery
  2. The institutions that, due to the nature of their functions, must remain open, such as the immigration services, customs and phytosanitary services, land, sea and air border posts, among others.
  3. Public and private health facilities (clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, radio diagnostic services, emergency services, eyeglasses stores, among others), as well as macrobiotics and veterinary clinics.
  4. Supermarkets, mini grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, greengrocers and grocery stores. As well as any other establishments that sells similar products.
  5. Establishments for sale of agricultural, veterinary and animal feed supplies, with a reduction of its maximum normal occupation capacity to fifty percent (50%).
  6. Hygiene supply establishments, with a reduction of their maximum normal occupancy capacity to fifty percent (50%).
  7. Public or private banking and financial services, with a reduction of its maximum normal occupation capacity to fifty percent (50%).
  8. Fuel supply
  9. Funeral parlors and/or wake chapels, with a reduction of its maximum normal occupation capacity to fifty percent (50%).
  10. Public and private establishments where there is commercialization of agricultural, livestock, fishing and aquaculture products, such as fairs and markets, with a reduction of their maximum normal occupation capacity to fifty percent (50%).
  11. Child care
  12. Care centers for people in vulnerable
  13. Rent a car services only for the purpose of providing assistance services to already rented vehicles, as well as car returns.
  14. All other establishments with Sanitary Operating Permits that do not provide face-to-face attention to the general public.


The HOTELS, only those that provide accommodation to:

  1. Foreign tourists who are already in the country.
  2. Flight crews or special services cases.
  3. Long-stay tourists or residents of the hotel.
  4. Provide services to the Public Administration to deal with the crisis due to the national emergency COVID-19.
  5. Provide services to embassies.


Additionally, the order was given to the health authorities, both of the Ministry of Health and the Police Force, to issue a Sanitary Order to establishments that do not comply with said provision, ordering their immediate closure and the processing of the collection of resulting fines as appropriate.

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