tax legal entities

The tax on Legal Entities is the obligation to pay for all commercial enterprises, as well as for individual limited liability companies (LLC) registered in the National Registry. The levying of this obligation starts as of January 1st until January 31st of the current year.

In the case of newly incorporated entities, the obligation of payment occurs at the moment of submitting the incorporation Public Deed in the National Registry, at which time the tax is paid.

This tax uses as reference the base salary defined by the Superior Council of the Judicial Branch, which was established for this period in the amount of four hundred sixty two thousand two hundred colones (¢462,200.00).

The amounts to be paid for the tax on legal entities are the following:

  • Entities not registered as taxpayers: 15% of the base salary (¢69,330).
  • Entities registered in RUT for the first time: 15% of the base salary as of the filing date.
  • Entities registered in RUT:
    • Gross income from 0 to 120 base salaries: ¢115,500.00
    • Gross income from 120 to 280 base salaries: ¢138.660.00
    • Gross income over 280 base salaries: ¢231.100.00
  • Entities without income or activities or registered in the simplified taxation regime: 25% of the base salary (¢115,550.00).

Failure to pay the tax may result in fines and penalties, such as:

  • Interest payable by the taxpayer;
  • Non-issuance of legal certifications, official copies of the National Registry or registration of any other document;
  • Impossibility of legal entities to contract with the State or any public institution;
  • The tax debts constitute a legal mortgage or preferential pledge;
  • The accumulation of 3 unpaid tax periods will result in the dissolution of the legal entity.

In case you have any questions, or require assistance with this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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