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April Holidays

In April, there are 3 mandatory paid holidays according to article 148 of the Labor Code:

  • April 11th: Juan Santamaría Day.
  • April 14th and 15th: Thursday and Holy Friday.

General rules for the enjoyment and payment of these holidays:

  • By type of contract: If in your company the salary is paid by a fixed amount or fraction of time (daily, weekly or monthly), you must cancel the ordinary (simple) salary to the employees who rest on those dates. Likewise, if the salary is paid by pieces or piecework, it must be calculated in accordance with the daily average of the week before the holiday.
  • Work on holidays: If the company requires its employees to work on a holiday, their consent is required and in exchange, they shall receive double the regular salary. If the employee refuses to work, he/she may not be penalized.
  • Overtime: An employee who works overtime on a holiday shall be entitled to triple the regular pay for each hour of overtime worked.

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