July 25th – Holiday of Mandatory Payment

This coming Monday, July 25th, is the celebration of the annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica, and it is a holiday of mandatory payment, according to the Labor Code.

The following are the general rules for the payment of this type of holiday:

  • The employee has the right to rest on a holiday, so he/she cannot be forced to work, except for reasons of urgency or if the work requires continuity of work.
  • If the employee does not work on this day, he/she must also be paid their ordinary salary.
  • If the employee works on this day, he/she must be paid double the salary.
  • If the employee works overtime on a holiday, the extra hours must be paid triple the ordinary salary, without exceeding a total workday of 12 hours.
  • If the holiday coincides with the worker’s day of rest, only the ordinary day of rest is paid.
  • This holiday has not been moved as done in previous years, since it is celebrated on a Monday.
  • The employer and the employee may negotiate the holiday and enjoy it on a later date with pay.

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